Educational activities in physical culture with children of preschool and school age


Currently, one of the most important and global problems is the state of children's health. Raising a healthy child is the most important thing. Full physical development and health of a child is the basis for personality formation. The physical health of children is inextricably linked to their mental health, emotional well-being.

In order to develop and maintain children's interest in various activities, it is necessary to use different types of educational activities for physical development.

Classic (according to the scheme: introductory part, main, final part).

Gaming (using games: folk outdoor games, relay games, amusement games, etc.)

Training type activities (walking, running, drill, sports games, lasagna exercises, acrobatic elements, ball exercises, etc.).

Subject - complex (united by a certain plot, hiking, orienteering, with the development of speech, with quizzes, etc.).

Rhythmic gymnastics (classes consisting of dance movements).

Independent (self-training by choice, then checking the assignment by the instructor).

Classes in the series "Exploring your body" (talking about your body, learning self-massage, instilling basic skills in self-care and first aid).

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