A paraglider is an aircraft heavier than air, structurally resembling a parachute, but also different from it, since it is designed to fly, not jump from an airplane. Paragliding is the most affordable way to climb into the sky and fly like a bird. A paraglider brings a person closer to a bird. You don't need anything else - just you, a paraglider, a slide, three steps - and you fly! We are very lucky with nature, because in Uzbekistan there are many slides and mountains up to 280 meters high, from which you can not only fly, but also make long-distance route flights.

It should be noted that even those who are afraid of heights make a decision to fly a paraglider. Moreover, no one feels fear, on the contrary, the fear of heights changes to the pleasure of soaring in the sky. Paragliding is an exciting adventure, anti-stress, unforgettable experience and a lot of positive emotions smiley

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