Fencing: Health benefits


Fencing is not only an interesting, beautiful and exciting sport, but also very useful for health, while having very few contraindications. Fencing can be practiced by people of any age, being in various physical forms. 

Fencing is an excellent cardio exercise, which primarily has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. This sport trains the respiratory system. Makes the body hardy and hardened.

Fencing is very beneficial for the nervous system. During the fight, the athlete throws out emotions, thereby helping the body to cope with stress, nervousness, depression and bad mood. At the same time, stress resistance, the ability to control emotions, courage and even intelligence develops.

Fencing exercises practically all muscle groups, which allows you to form a beautiful, toned, athletic figure. Coordination of movements, dexterity, speed of reaction improves. Fencing has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain. This sport (as well as tennis and billiards) is even called "chess in motion". Fencing helps to lose extra pounds and solve the problem of excess weight.

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