Interactive goggles for athletes


In mid-July 2019, athlete technology developer Form Athletica announced an upcoming release of waterproof goggles that use a transparent augmented reality display to inform swimmers about their performance. The new product of the company was named Form Swim. The result is a user interface that, according to the developers, provides accurate information about the swimmer's physical performance without interfering with his work. For this purpose, Form Swim goggles are integrated with transparent lenses and a miniature on-board computer with 16 hours of battery life. Like most wearables, the goggles come with a companion Form Swim App, which will be available for iOS and Android devices.


Recon Instruments has unveiled a working GPS navigation device built into the goggles, which has already gone on sale in Canada. There are two options for the device. They look the same, but the difference lies in the lens options. The more expensive Transcend SPPX glasses have polarized photochromic lenses. In another model, the lenses are only polarized. Despite the difference, both models provide the same data: speed, altitude, distance traveled, temperature, time and other information. Recon-Zeal Transcend is an open source software interface.



Recon Instruments, known for its goggles equipped with various sensors, has introduced a novelty for athletes - the Recon Jet. The device weighs 60 grams and has excellent lenses with a large field of view and touch control, which is not afraid of rain, snow or sun. The display at the bottom of the glasses is positioned so as not to interfere with the general view and at the same time give access to all the necessary information. The installed software shows the distance traveled, the number of calories burned, speed, and much more, and the ability to wirelessly connect to a smartphone will allow you to determine your location, receive calls and read SMS.

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