Goji Play for sports training


Blue Goji has developed an amazing help for fitness lovers - the Goji Play system. Its main purpose is that now a 30-minute workout on the simulators will skip like 5 minutes. Time just flies by when new play equipment is installed on the simulator. All Goji Play is launched using an app synced to your iPad, iPhone 4s or 5th generation iPod Touch. The direct dependence of the athlete's activity and the hero's activity in the game allows you to win in games much more often than in the usual state. Physical energy goes automatically into virtual energy, into the image of a hero. In addition to the offered 12 games, the developers have provided the Goji Reader application, which will help you follow the news on the sites. When using the Goji Play system, the activity sensor must be attached to the clothing, and the game is controlled from the controllers. It is they who are attached to the handle of a sports simulator. The game itself takes place on the display of a tablet or smartphone, installed in advance on the simulator. The activity sensor constantly sends information about the intensity of your workout to your mobile device. This is possible thanks to a special application synchronized with the electronic device. The loss of extra calories for training turns into additional energy for the virtual hero. Thus, train more - win faster!

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