Modern TV cameras during the match


The television camera has become an integral part of all sports events, world championships, and so on. Soon, video replays were actively used to illuminate the brightest moments. Video replays were also "on hand" for the panel of judges, which began to actively use video replays to resolve controversial situations. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the latest VAR video replay system was used. Thanks to VAR, serious referee errors were avoided at the tournament, a record number of penalties was awarded. This is a clear confirmation that the judges are afraid to make serious mistakes and punish the innocent, so VAR has become a real assistant in difficult "showdowns". The new video replay system disciplined the players as much as possible, now the players realized that if they did something reprehensible, it would no longer hide from the vigilant gaze of VAR, as a result, the number of red cards dropped sharply.

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