Barbell Reax FluiLift


Barbell Reax FluiLift is the first barbell of its kind to use balls filled with liquid as weight. Thanks to this innovative system, the usual motor motor skills of weightlifting become an unexpectedly unstable system. In other words, it allows you to work with an unstable load and sets its requirements not only for effective strength exercises, but for high-intensity neuromuscular training. A distinctive feature of Reax FluiLift is that it destabilizes any exercise during its execution. Thanks to its innovative design, the barbell can be used in both traditional and new ways, providing a more efficient and effective training environment. Using a three-way destabilization technology that includes springs, shock absorbers and filled fluid balls, Reax FluiLift brings dynamics and unpredictability to any barbell exercise. The use of Reax FluiLift also has a huge advantage in practical use, due to the softness of the balls. Reax FluiLift improves the performance of athletes.

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