Innovative technologies in Boxing


Striketec sensors are the latest wave of technology that aims to hit the boxing market as manufacturers claim. The sensors track every movement that the boxer's hands perform, while the sensors measure the speed and, attention, the force of the blows.

Another company that uses sensor technology in their products is Welltec. They created gloves and shorts that measure a wrestler's fitness level, as well as the details of their movements, strokes, including angle, speed and impact. The speed of this data is processed in milliseconds. Two accelerometers and a magnetometer are gloved, which can generate broadcast data at 800 hertz per second. This is enough to provide approximately hundreds of thousands of data points per battle. The company is also working on a way to convey information on screens to the visuals in real time, which would give viewers a comprehensive view of everything that goes on during the boxing match. If a boxer is hit hard, the coaching staff will know if there is a significant risk of injury and if the fight needs to be stopped.

The use of big data will allow the boxer's coaching staff to thoroughly study the future opponent, and even make predictable mathematical models of fighting.

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