Video Assistance System for Arbitrators - VAR


Video assistant referee, abbreviated as VAR or video assistant referee, is a technology in football that allows the chief referee to make decisions using video replays. Officially included in the 2018 Laws of the Game after a series of challenges in international tournaments. The video help system allows you to view four types of controversial moments and help the referee make the right decision to violate the rules when goals are scored, episodes with a penalty, an erroneous presentation of a red card (episodes with a second yellow card are not considered) and errors in identifying punished players (helps to determine who exactly committed card foul). Thus, the video help system makes it possible to officially identify and confirm "obvious mistakes" by the referee during the match. The arbitrator can ask the system for help if he doubts the decision; similarly, the VAR can advise the judge to re-view the moment. In general, the judge can choose one of three options after the VAR message: to keep his decision in force, to pause to view the incident on the screen, or to accept the video assistant's recommendation and immediately cancel his decision.

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