Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale


Xiaomi smart scales are made of durable ABS plastic and have rounded contours. On the front side at the top there is a screen for displaying weighing parameters, which is visible only after inserting batteries or weighing. In the Smart Scale model, the front of the scale is covered with thick tempered glass, but in the second generation version it got rid of it due to the appearance of metallic conductors. The Smart Scale 2 now has four round metal conductors used for bioimpedance body analysis (more on this later). Only basic information is displayed on the screen, and you will learn all the numerous calculations from the mobile application. Weighing is based on the bioimpends method - a method for diagnosing the composition of our body by measuring its bioimpends (electrical resistance of different parts of the biological tissues of the body). To measure this resistance, a weak electric current will pass through your body, and the analysis will be carried out at the speed of the passage.

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