NIKE laser soccer field


Children don't care where to play football. For them, any free patch of space can act as a platform. Adults are far more demanding creatures. For such athletes, NIKE has created a mobile laser football field based on an ordinary minibus.

The social initiative #MiPista, recently introduced by NIKE, aims to provide places for playing football even in areas where there is no own stadium. Of course, the mentioned clothing manufacturer did not start building stationary sports grounds. The company approached this issue with imagination, it decided to turn any free spaces on city streets into them - supermarket parking lots, pedestrian streets and squares, courtyards, etc. Moreover, the departure of such a football minibus is completely free. It is enough just to send an SMS request to a special number, indicating in it the place where the minivan should drive up, as well as the time for this. The responsible employee of the #MiPista social program will check this request with the existing schedule and immediately send a positive or negative answer.

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