Special suits for athletes


American brand The North Face has designed a 60-piece special collection for the US Ski Team. It took two years and thousands of hours of work by designers and fashion designers who selected colors and styles that emphasize the spectacular tricks in half-pipe and slopestyle.

Snowboarders in the US and Canada wear UnderArmour's high-tech Coldgear® Infrared uniform. This garment maintains optimal body temperature between warm-up and competition. A layer of special ceramics is applied to its inner side. This allows the air layer under clothing to warm up faster and store heat.

RECCO® ski clothing is equipped with an avalanche rescue system. A sensor is mounted in the suit and special reflectors are built in. In the event of an emergency, you can quickly determine the exact location of the athlete.

North American speed skaters use the Mach39 tracksuit, which UnderArmour developed in collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The technology is based on 3D motion capture models of athletes that fix poses during the race. Based on these models and tested in a wind tunnel, the fiberglass shape ideally reduces drag and allows you to perform better.

One example of innovation is the Pentland Group (Speedo brand). This company created a swimsuit that reduced the swimmer's drag by only 2% and set 108 world records.

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