ROBO-PONG 2050 table tennis robot


The new robot for table tennis Robo-Pong 2050 with - digital control provides precise control of ball speed, ejection interval and ball flight direction. In normal mode, Robo-Pong 2050 allows you to manually change parameters such as speed, spin, ball flight direction and ejection interval. In training mode, you can use 64 recorded exercises and train like a pro. In PC mode, you can even create and record your own exercises.

The ideal partner for every skill level: professionals can train footwork and special endurance, as well as speed and timing. For beginners and fans of table tennis, the robot will help to learn the basic strokes, develop coordination and sense of the ball. The robot will train your endurance, and adapt to you in joint training. The control unit contains 64 exercises for all levels of training. Choose the speed and interval of the ball and/or direction to make the robot even more unpredictable. You can record your own exercises on a Windows computer.

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