Sonic tennis ball


If you love tennis and music, check out this Wimbeldon tennis ball column. It's tennis and a Bluetooth speaker in one. This history of Bluetooth speakers is realized in tennis itself, as well as in the recycling of balls used in the last championship. To prevent electronics from treating a tennis ball, research different forms and methods of protection. Collaborated with experienced rubber cutters from the Woodash Group in the Boot and Shoe quarter of Northampton, England. Experimented with cutting and 3D printing guides. The protective shell has evolved from simple stripes to a slanted shape that retains 75% of the tennis ball.

Innov8 Group has developed electronics that refine the properties of a tennis ball. A series of prototypes were also developed, optimizing battery life, volume and sound quality, and finally achieved the desired performance. The electronic control system is simplified to one button. An unconventional wireless speaker is provided, which includes tennis, processing and product design. The soft tennis ball sets this speaker apart from others in a market dominated by metal and plastic enclosures while providing headphones with the look, sound and feel.

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