The benefits of swimming


Swimming in the pool is a versatile way to stay healthy and fit. Water procedures, especially swimming, have a health-improving effect on the whole body.

  • The figure is corrected. This is due to the fact that many muscle groups work during swimming. The impact is evenly applied to the entire body, and proportional changes in the silhouette occur. Muscles do not build up, but rather increase endurance and get stronger.
  • Improvement of the spine and posture correction. This is because during swimming, the load on the vertebrae is reduced, and the back muscles are strengthened.
  • Improvement of problem joints of the limbs. They become more flexible, which is facilitated by the load evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • Increased endurance of the cardiovascular system. Alignment of pulse, pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. This is because swimming improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the body. The elasticity of the muscles of the heart and blood vessels increases.
  • Very beneficial effect on the condition of the lungs. Swimming decreases breathing rate and increases lung capacity. The body becomes resistant to a lack of oxygen.
  • Getting rid of excess body fat. Swimming increases metabolism and burns a lot of calories. A special effect is achieved when using water aerobics.
  • Relieves general fatigue, stress due to the general massaging effect of water. Insomnia disappears. A positive mood appears.

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