Dumbbell Exercises


Dumbbells are a sports equipment that is equally well suited for men and women, adolescents and the elderly. Dumbbell exercises work a huge amount of muscle, increase strength, and improve agility. The optimal dumbbell weight depends on gender, age and physical fitness. For women, the starting weight starts from 1-2 kg, shells of the same severity are recommended for men who have not been involved in sports before. Increase the weight of the projectile gradually to 10-15 kg and more. Separately, let's say about the choice of dumbbells for a child. Weight exercises with heavy apparatus are allowed only from 12-14 years old, but this does not mean that dumbbells should not be held in hand before. It is possible and even necessary if the weight of the projectile does not exceed 1-2 kg. For a primary school student, the specified weight will be enough for several years without buying additional disks. By the way, that's why you can safely take cast shells for children. Perform the exercises smoothly, in slow motion, without overstraining. Dumbbell workouts should be done 3-4 times a week. When doing exercises with dumbbells at home, first of all, you should not forget about the safety rules.

If you decide to do dumbbell exercises at home, do not ignore the advice of experienced trainers. Follow your daily routine and exercise schedule. And remember: you need to try very hard to achieve results. But don't expect an immediate effect from your workouts. To achieve your goals for transforming your figure and maintaining health, contact the specialists who will tell you where to start.

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