Adidas Smart Ball


The adidas miCoach SMART BALL is a standard size soccer ball (FIFA approved) that will help both beginners and experienced soccer players improve their passing accuracy and striking technique. After hitting, the Adidas SMART BALL instantly transmits data via Bluetooth to Android phone / tablet with detailed information about the strength and accuracy of the hit, the trajectory of the ball and the speed of its rotation. Special sensors, cleverly placed suspended in the center of the SMART BALL, analyze the forces acting on the ball during flight.

The miCoach SMART BALL app will teach you how to hit the ball correctly, with what force and with what trajectory, using visual prompts. With this application, you can try to repeat the kicks of professional football players, as well as save your best kicks of the day and share them with your friends.

The autonomous operating time of the built-in battery is 2000 blows or 1 week. The ball is charged by the induction method on a special stand included in the kit.

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