Healthy lifestyle and active actions


Active physical activity also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to the World Health Organization, a healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer. Walking is the most natural physical process for the body. However, most people try to walk as little as possible. The views of experts and scientists on the benefits of walking date back to Hippocrates, who said about 2,400 years ago that "walking is the best medicine for humans."

The benefits of walking are as follows:

  • Regular walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 31 percent;
  • Through years of observations, scientists have found that people who walk regularly have a 32 percent lower chance of dying than those who do not exercise.
  • Regular physical activity (such as walking or cycling) done 3 times a week for 30 minutes reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 26 percent and death from all other diseases by 20 percent.

 Benefits of walking: 10 minutes: hypertension does not bother. If you get into the habit of walking 4 times a day for 10 minutes, your blood pressure will be normal.

15 minutes: fitness. If you take 120 steps a day with frequent steps, you will get rid of 100 calories in 15 minutes! Here's an easy and cheap way to lose weight!

20 minutes: You will find peace of mind! Do you want to get rid of the “burden” of a hectic day at work? Then walk for only 20 minutes every day. The result will delight you. Those who want to quit smoking again, while retaining humor, walk for 20 minutes, this desire disappears spontaneously in the same minutes.

35 minutes walk. Don't waste time overcoming depression! What happened to you? Just take a 35 minute walk in the great outdoors!

45 minutes: Say no to colds! According to American scientists, 50 percent of the participants who ran the 45-minute marathon had a cold. Because germs and viruses surrender when we walk. So don't forget to walk around these days!

Last but not least, many experts recommend walking 30 minutes a day, but there are no hard and fast rules. Practice only at a time that is convenient for you. Make walks enjoyable and healthy. If you make it a habit to walk and enjoy it, this is a guarantee that you will be a beautiful figure or owner and achieve good health!

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