Salt is harmful to blood vessels


Salt is an essential nutrient for humans. Because to normalize metabolism in the body, according to the Ministry of Health, you need to consume one teaspoon - 5 grams of salt per day. In addition, iodized table salt is very important and necessary for the prevention of iodine deficiency disease.

An excess of salt in the body disrupts metabolic processes, causing various diseases of the heart, kidneys and circulatory system. The more you consume it, the more difficult it is for the kidneys to function, which leads to a build-up of sodium in the body. Too much salt in the blood puts too much pressure on the heart and the entire body.

In addition, consuming too much iodized salt can increase eye pressure, which can lead to cataracts. Research has also shown that it can cause serious stomach problems (such as stomach cancer).

Experts believe that by reducing your salt intake by 3 grams per day, you can cut your heart disease in half. Several states have tried this module. In Finland, for example, information campaigns were created in the 1970s urging people to reduce their daily salt intake from 12 grams to 9 grams. The results were not long in coming. The incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the country decreased by 75-80 percent, respectively, and life expectancy increased by 5-6 years.

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