Immunity (lot-Immunitas "free, get rid of something") - the body from foreign pathogens and foreign substances, a set of responses aimed at protection. The immune system is the most delicate process in the body. Immunity In any case, whether we take medicine or not, we can fight disease. Only we need to take the right medicine. Do not disrupt the body's immune process should. It is impossible to arbitrarily and randomly interfere with the immune system. Because improper intake of immunomodulators can lead to some autoimmune diseases in the body.

Immunity-lowering habits:

• Eat lots of sweets;

• Consume a lot of salt;

• Bad or bad sleep;

• Eat a lot of fatty foods;

• Drink less fluids (water);

• Eat less fiber;

• Low protein intake;

• Eat fewer vegetables and fruits;

• Passive lifestyle.

How grow immunity? Contains many vitamins in its natural composition to strengthen the immune system. Better to use tools. For example, wet fruits, vegetable salads, liquids, it is recommended to consume more tincture. Especially pomegranate, apple, lemon, yogurt, onion, garlic, honey, zucchini, sauerkraut, black sedan is my profit. Also dried green tea, string (ittikanak), chamomile, ginger, crushed mate leaves, tinctures of the red brain root are useful for enhancing immunity.

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